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Basketball Lingo Glossary | Terms, Slang & Jargon On SportsLingo ...

Check out our glossary of basketball lingo and slang.

Basketball Terms, Slang, Lingo, & Abbreviations

Basketball is a game that’s incredibly simple and infinitely complex at the same time.

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Ultimate Frisbee Terminology & Definitions The sport of Ultimate Frisbee comes with its own culture, and with any culture there is a language.

Basketball Terms and Definitions: An In-depth Dictionary For Hoops ...

This isn't your typical basketball dictionary. We provide basketball terms and this is a menu to explain in-depth with details ...

Basketball Terms – All Sports

Basketball Terms: Picking up a new hobby often results in a learning curve, especially when it comes to learning the lingo surrounding the activity.

Basketball Terms Every Kid Should Know | ACTIVEkids

Before your child takes the court for the first time, make sure they're familiar with some basic basketball terms all players should know.

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Basketball Terms: 55 Hoops Terms for Anyone Learning the Game ...

Basketball is a game filled with all sorts of lingo and slang.

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What is formula 1 lingo and glossary of terms in formula 1?

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Find out how much you really love sports by taking this quiz and matching up the words and terms with their correct meanings.